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Jerez is the fifth most populated city in Andalusia and has different offers of leisure, entertainment and culture. The city has a number of exhibition centres, theatres, shows, cinemas, flamenco performances in its tablaos, tapas bars, restaurants, pubs, discos, shops and shopping centres. It is a city with a rich cultural offer and lively nights, you will not be disappointed.

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We highlight the following city attracttions:

The Royal Equestrian School and the Yeguada Hierro del Bocado

You can enjoy brilliant horse shows. Jerez has had a long standing equestrian tradition and it was in the 15th century when the monks of La Cartuja finalised a long selection process introducing the famous breed Cartujano horses. The horse shows are run by the Royal Equestrian School and Yeguada Hierro del Bocado. One of the most well-known events in the city is the Horse Fair or Feria del Caballo where all the visitors will enjoy the beauty of this animal.

The Jerez wine

Its privileged geographical situation next to the Athlantic Ocean and its limestone land are ideal for its vineyards and for growing the Palomino grapes. The wine cellars are truly cathedrals of the Jerez wine where rests calmly so we can later enjoy a world known wine, the Jerez wine.


Jerez offers the best flamenco performances in its tablaos everyday. The city organises flamenco festivals and concerts in its local flamenco groups or in its traditional festivities, such as the Fiesta de la Bulería in September as well as the International Flamenco Festival of Jerez celebrated in February and March.


Most of the city and its historic centre are declared Cultural Interest Heritage. It is worth visiting the Jerez Cathedral, the Monastery of La Cartuja, the Basilica del Carmen, Palacio de Bertemati, the views from the Palacio de Villavicencio and the city gates Puerta de Rota, among other cultural attractions.

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